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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Website Fails to Rank on Google
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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Website Fails to Rank on Google

Ranking a website on Google is not an easy task as you need to focus on some digital marketing strategies like SEO and SMO etc. There are various reasons behind the issue: your site is not properly indexed or SEO is not done as per requirements or some content or keyword issues. 

In case your website gets flat and you are wondering about the main cause, then don’t worry, let’s understand the possible top 10 issues and try to resolve the problem.

  • 1. Your site is not on Google

The first possible reason for not ranking the site may be your website is not on the Google Search index. You can check the same using the search operator of Google indexing. 

  • 2. Your Website is Still Too New for the Google

In case your website is new and thus it becomes a hindrance for Google to judge whether it is reliable or not. Sometimes, Google takes time to rank a website due to internal processes. In this case, you need to wait for some time for the complete Google ranking procedure.

  • 3. The Content is Unindexed

Sometimes, inadvertently and non-indexed pages become the prominent reasons for the failure of a website on Google SERPs. You need to create your content unique and make possible arrangements for the proper indexing.

  • 4. The Website is Blocking google with robot.txt

It’s another reason that may become a hindrance in the ranking of your page on Google. Check whether your website is blocking Google with robots.txt or not. Check the details properly and try to fix the issue.

  • 5. Technical Glitches

Sometimes, technical issues may also prevent the website from ranking on Google. Take appropriate steps to remove these possible steps.

  • 6. You Have Breaked SEO Rules

If you broke the rules of SEO and digital marketing in ranking a website or aren’t following appropriate steps to make your site or website get ranked, then Google blocks your site from being ranked.

  • 7. The Site Doesn’t Have Proper Internal Linking Structure

The improper linking structure may also restrict your site for ranking purposes. Check the root cause of the same and make special techniques to apply proper linking structure.

  • 8. Very Few backlinks are on Your Website

If you have input correct strategies and quality content and even at this point when every bullet is green in Yoast SEO, your website fails to rank on Google. The reason behind the same is maybe your website has very few backlinks. You need more backlinks from other websites to rank them properly.

  • 9. Too Much Competition

Today, there is competition in the Digital Marketing Domain. There may be a reason behind not ranking your website on Google is too much competition. Try long-tail keywords with targeted content to get rid of this issue.

  • 10. Low-Quality Content 

Sometimes, no ranking issues come just because of low-quality content, try to improve the quality of your content to rank it better.


There are many reasons why a website is failing on GOOGLE SERPs. some of them are competition, content in low quality, breaking of SEO rules, technical glitches, very few backlinks, your site is indexed. You can check the complete details using the above information.

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