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The SEO Tactics in Digital Marketing: Cross-Linking
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The SEO Tactics in Digital Marketing: Cross-Linking

In SEO (search engine optimization) there is a tactic known as Cross-Linking that can come in handy to get higher search engine rankings. Search engines value these types of links as they are from suitable sites with connected content. 

What is cross-linking in SEO?

Cross-linking in SEO is the process of simply linking other pages on your website together, linking relevant keywords to related content. The purpose of cross-linking is to build up the authority of pages on your website and allow viewers to easily access related content. Cross-linking in SEO can allow a page to rank more for specific keyword phrases and generate referral traffic.

How does cross-linking work?

The strategy which is most commonly used for cross-linking is the footer/sidebar links. If you guys have links for your page (containing your keywords) from other domain names this really works well with the search engines which means that the key here is to cross-link these sites, with related and relevant content and the use of the related keywords. This process will give you a higher rank for your keywords and it will benefit all your domains.

Now let’s learn about the benefits of cross-linking.

  1. It increases the Inbound Links

The cross-linking increases the number of inbound links to a webpage. And by increasing the number of links a page has, it can give you a higher rank than it can give in Google.

  1. It increases DA (Domain Authority)

DA (Domain Authority) specifies how strong your site’s SEO is and how well you’ll rank on Google and on other search engines.

  1. Increases Page Authority

It also increases the PA (page authority) of your website which is a metric that predicts how a web page is likely to rank in the SERPs search engine result pages. 

  1. Increases Referral Traffic

It also increases referral traffic the people who come to your domain from other sites, without searching for you on Google those types of traffic are known as Referral Traffic.

Cross-linking can really be beneficial for you guys if you have related sites. It will not only lead to a better user experience but also gives a chance of a better rank in the search engines.

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