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Google’s Page New Update in Experience will Come by Next Month
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Google’s Page New Update in Experience will Come by Next Month

“Malte Ubl,” a software engineer at Google told that the coming month will be good for Google as the search engine giant is rolling out its new page experience update. This was in news also that Google’s next page experience update will start in Feb 2022 and end by the month of March 2022. 

This new update will consist of all the current signals of the handheld version of all the page experience update. This new update will be the same for mobile as well as desktops. Let’s know some of the important facts about new page experience:

Same Threshold:

A similar metric threshold will work for desktops just as mobile phones. The actual blog post of Google says that the same three Core Web Vitals related metrics be it CLS, FID, and LCP and their related threshold will be applicable for the desktop ranking too. Malte Ubl said in his tweet that the metric threshold for the desktop will be the same as mobile phones.

Don’t Expect Drastic Modifications:

The tech giant largest search engine said that this new update won’t give you drastic changes. However, this update is designed to highlight specific pages that will provide great UI, and page experiences will remain one of the major factors that our systems take into account. The company said further that “We expect the same changes to be true for the desktop version also.”

New Search Console is Expected:

As per the reports by Google sources, the company will roll out new updates and features in its Search Console as the site owners are preparing for the update. We are planning to help these site owners to understand and know how their desktop pages are behaving regarding their respective page experience. 

Desktop Vs Mobile:

In Google’s new page experience, both the versions include LCP, CLS, FID HTTPS security except mobile-friendliness. 

Note: This new update will help people or users to check their site rankings and performance in order to improve well.

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