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Google Announces Search Traffic Monitoring Dashboard for Data Studio
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Google Announces Search Traffic Monitoring Dashboard for Data Studio

Recently Google has released the new Data Studio template which can help the users quickly see if there are any significant changes to the performance of page search or any minimum changes/activities of your important pages.  

This new release is going to help you check SEO potentiality issues on your respective website. While the Search Console will provide out-of-the-box chart features and filtering abilities added on Google. This Data Studio will allow you to customize your charts and view them side by side with other data, functions such as Google Ads, Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery, and others.

Google also revealed that their Search Console connector will now include the Discover and Google News traffic resources/information. Also, in October last year, Google added similar data to the Search Console Search Analytics API system.

Once you set up your dashboard of the Search Traffic Monitoring System, you can also choose the respective date range (by default it is the last 28 days max). With this, you can easily filter your data by page type, country and devices too. 

How can you set up the dashboard?

Well, it is pretty simple and straightforward though you guys can follow the steps below to set up your dashboard:

  • Navigate the Data Studio.
  • Create the Search Console data source.
  • Choose the URL Impression table

The first impression of a search page on a website is very important for anything. URL Impression table includes the URL-level data for web, images, videos, news, discoveries, and google news.

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