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Google Ads Update: Enhanced Conversion for offline leads
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Google Ads Update: Enhanced Conversion for offline leads

Last year, Google introduced Enhanced Conversion for the web, this update is beneficial for online stores and ecommerce transactions. Now, Google has an update for lead generation businesses.

Now, Google is introducing a solution to help measure Offline conversions-enhanced conversions for leads.

  • What Are Enhanced Conversions?

Enhanced conversion is a tool which is updated by google used with existing conversion tags in Google ads to make conversion measurement more accurate.

You can set up increased conversion quantification within Google Ads or Google Tag Manager.

It utilizes your existing Google Ads tag, after that it sends secure first-party conversion data to Google in a safe, private way.

  • How does this work?

Information received from a lead online such as email, name, address, etc.is hashed and sent to Google. After that this information is used to enhance your conversion measurement. 

Google used a secure hashing algorithm which is a one way data send that is called SHA256. 

This hashed means people’s information is private, secure and anonymized. 

There is a slight difference between enhanced conversions for  leads and enhanced conversion for the web. 

Here is the process of enhance conversion for leads-

  1. User clicks on an ads and arrives on your sites
  2. Users browses your site and read about your product or services 
  3. Users fill the form on your site and become the lead for your business. 
  4. Your website sends google hashed lead information that you specific such as email id etc. 
  5. After that the lead information store in your CRM database. 
  6. When a lead converts you upload the hashed lead information google matches the hashed information back to the ad that drove the lead. 

You need to have specific customer information, at least one customer data are available-

  1. Email address (preferred)
  2. Name and home address
  3. Phone number

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