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Do You Really Need Exact Keywords in Content?
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Do You Really Need Exact Keywords in Content?

Generally, nowadays it is no more mandatory to give attention to using the exact keyword in your content. Sounds weird? But yes, it is the truth that using keywords too many times can make your content dull and also will not be helpful to get a good SEO result. If the keywords do not sound creative or meaningful, then it is better to slightly modify them and use them in your content. You can now change your keywords with some of the techniques which are given below.  

Stop Words

Instead of using the same keyword which doesn’t even make the exact sense while using in content, it can be slightly modified using prepositions and other phrases. It will make the content livelier, and it will not sound robotic. Words like ‘is’, ‘it’, ‘a are called stop words. Previously the keywords were being used as precisely as it was told to use in the content, but the SEO techniques changed, and along with that use of the stop words came into trend.

Changing with Exact Match Keywords

Previously we relied on the exact match keywords. Suppose the user searched for ‘Women’s shoe’, the results appeared only for ‘Women’s shoe’. Exact match keywords will prevent the user from getting in the search result the sites that didn’t exactly match the keyword. Previously search results included those exact match words in that correct order. 

Google recently changed its algorithm and search results were more extensive. Now, if a user searches for ‘Women’s shoe’ the results appear for the exact match along with the reordered result like ‘Shoe Women’s.

Standard Content

While using keywords one must keep in mind that it is not only for the search engines, it is also for the readers to hold them and make them gain interest. So, the content must be consisting of good quality, and the readability of the content is also a vital point. A keyword must be modified for multiple uses in the same material. Google also gave the opportunity to use the keywords to change as per your need to make quality content. The use of synonyms and variations of the keyword is thus a useful method in content development. Don’t stuff your content with the same repeating keywords; otherwise; Google can penalize you.

Agencies providing the best Darwin SEO take your business to a win-win situation by not only improving the site ranking but improving the company as a whole by providing a higher ranking, web traffic, more leads, more inquiries, more sales, more revenue. So, to make a remarkable presence in the market and attract more customers proper search engine optimization is a need today.

Everyone can reap benefits from the change in the algorithm of Google. Suppose you owned a shop and used the keyword ‘summer caps’ for your products. Previously if the user searches for ‘’caps for summer’ the search result would not have shown your business but now the keywords can be re-ordered so now your product will appear in the outcome. So, don’t worry anymore about using the exact keyword. Click here

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