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Core Updates By Google of 2019 in June and September
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Core Updates By Google of 2019 in June and September

Site Diversity Change(June Update) 

Google search Engine announced a change that’s known as “Site Diversity Change,” which was discovered in June 2019. This change will reduce the multiple site listing in the search result that means no more than two pages from the same site. On the other hand, there is no same domain in  the URL. 

So basically It’s an update of tech-giant “how google shows web pages in the SERPs,” but it does not change how google ranks its websites.  

  • Site Diversity is Not Across the Board

The diversity change does not affect all search results. Some search results will show up more than one result in the Search Result Page, if google decides it’s relevancy or authority. 

After this change, some of the website rankings went down and some goes up. After a while, the relevant sites started ranking up. There are many cases where the content is ordinary and did not leverage infographics or video or much more story telling, the site gave the searchers relevant replies  to their questions faster than other sites.

September  2019 Core Update 

Google updated a new communication strategy for its update in 2019 as a September core update. Core updates that affects the central working of the ranking algorithm are announced in advance via Twitter.  

On the other hand, Google suggested its name for the same update. In the last, Google announced the september 2019 core on 24th of September. Again, It was accompanied by less surprising suggestions for updates once again.

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