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Changing Page Titles Constantly: Good Or Bad For SEO?
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Changing Page Titles Constantly: Good Or Bad For SEO?

Updating page titles on a daily basis then you will have a positive or negative impact on your website SEO. But there is no SEO benefit to updating your website page title on a daily basis, basically, it’s on you whether you think there is value in it for searchers.

But Google will not update search results every day just because you change your title. It’s possible Google will update your title on search results week or every month.

Google would not give any special weight if your title tag changes daily. But if you want to change your title daily it’s on you. But Google might not re-crawl that page on a daily basis, In the Google result, the title that Google shows is a few days/ week ago because google picked up the last version title on your page.

But if you have pages that information time-sensitive, that topics some outdated, such as stock prices, then google re-crawls your page on a weekly and monthly basis.

If Google crawled a site frequently and google boat covers the page title changing on a daily basis

Google does not count on that to happen, which means if google boat recognizes someone changing title that doesn’t mean google crawl page every day.

It might be to google recrawl every day, every week, or every month. So it does not affect changes frequently that the title changes.

You can check how Google bots crawl your site with the help of a Google Search Console indexing report.

From there you can decide if changing the title every day is beneficial or not. And if you change your title every day and google crawl your site every day, it’s no guarantee that Google will update the title that you provided on a daily basis.

 Google rewrites 61% of page titles.

Google rewrote the page title 60%, the title of the page has a large impact on click-through rate because it’s provided to search engines with important context.

A recent study said that more than 2,370 sites of 80,000 title tags determine how many title tags of the site were used in search results.

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