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What are 301 and 302 Redirects and What are Their Uses?

A 301 code tells that that particular page is permanently moved to another location, basically, it is used to make sure that Search Engines and

Know the Difference between Structured and Unstructured Data, Get Complete Details

Data is one of the most important aspects of a business that comes in a variety of formats. Data can be easily sorted into two different categories:

Application Campaign Over Deep Linking Advertisement

What is Deep Linking? Deep Linking is a phenomenon in which advertisers send a link to the audience that takes the user directly to the app’s
Google Algorithms

How Dynamic Rendering Works and What are its Aspects?

Dynamic rendering is the method of serving content supported by the user agents. This implies serving a client-side rendered version of your website ...
Google Algorithms

Google’s Page New Update in Experience will Come by Next Month

“Malte Ubl,” a software engineer at Google told that the coming month will be good for Google as the search engine giant is rolling out its new ...