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Application Campaign Over Deep Linking Advertisement
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Application Campaign Over Deep Linking Advertisement

What is Deep Linking?

Deep Linking is a phenomenon in which advertisers send a link to the audience that takes the user directly to the app’s homepage. It also saves the user time and user experience and changes the strategy of the promotion. 

The main advantage of Deep Linking is that it fetches users straightaway towards advertisers’ new goods launched in the application and converts users into clients.

Explore About Application Campaigns

Application Campaign is a process in Google Ads not directly linking to the individual applications instead it takes a video, text, ideas, assets from your application’s store to a variety of advertisements across several and multiple networks and formats. In this, you are free to add a landscape video, portrait images. 

Like an application advertiser, you want your application in the hands of people who pay more to you. Application campaign strives for your application and it is easy to promote your application in the Google properties. For example, Google Search, Youtube, Google Ads, and Google Display Network. 

Now let us understand more about the application campaign:

Different Aspects of Application Campaign

Pre Registration

Launch advertisements built by creating excitement and awareness before they are released in Google Play Store by rendering pre-registration facilities. The facility offers using an application without installing it on your mobile phone.


In this, you can help a user to know how to install a particular application and how to benefit from it. Besides, you can also find your target audience to use the application.


It is for those who have already installed your application by providing advertisements on the application homepage and encouraging them to download another application at any cost.

Why Advertisers Are Using Application Campaigns Rather Than Deep Linking?

Some of the following reasons for choosing Application Campaigns are:

Delivering Fresh and Relevant Content

By using application campaigns, advertisers can direct fresh and relevant content to your application. We are making an application campaign to reach potential customers either national or international through Google search, Youtube, which have over one million of traffic.

For example, suppose an advertiser has a video channel then promotes new season updates.

Feeding of your Advertisement 

Where the advertiser receives a feed and comment from the potential customer, seeing this advertiser can change content, videos, and images.

Eye Catching Formats and Places

People spend more time during the holidays, such as the canvas below YouTube’s Stream for advertisement.


Due to the visibility of an application increasing over time, the advertiser uses a medium of application campaign to promote any content. The reason behind this is more people are connecting through applications and no one is interested in clicking outside the click but in an application, they click on it.

For instance, Facebook is used in the contemporary world by a common audience, if Facebook provides a link to Whatsapp in Facebook then more chances to be downloaded as people have already tested the Facebook application.

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