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A Good Google Ads CTR/CPC/CPA in 2022 by Industry
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A Good Google Ads CTR/CPC/CPA in 2022 by Industry

  • Industry Average Click-Through Rate in Google Ads

In 2021 the average click-through rate covering all industries sat at 3.17%. The industries they pooled together outperformed that CTR, averaging over 6%.

The business category that boasted the highest CTR was Arts & Entertainment with an astounding 10.67% CTR.

The CTR metric should be analyzed as only one performance measure, not the end-all-be-all when trying to determine if your ads are doing effectively.

There are many factors that can impact CTR, including:

  1. Your competition (Is the SERP saturated?).
  2. Your bid.
  3. Your position on the page.
  4. Your ad copy relevancy.
  5. Your audience targeting.

When you determine your ads, Google gives you a measure of performance with your quality score. If your average CTR is below the peer set in your industries, then Google will let you know. Optimizing your Search Ads, you have to make sure that you’re taking a look at levels outside of just ad copy.

  • Average Cost-Per-Click in Google Ads by Industry

While the lawyers and Legal Services showcased the lowest CTR, they also possess the highest average CPC. The average CPC for this industry came in at $8.67 in 2021. 

Just like analyzing the CPC metric, this is also just one indicator of performance.

For example, If your ads may show a low average CPC and a low CTR. This could mean that your bids aren’t high enough to be competitive in the market, and you may want to examine raising bids.

On the other hand, if you have a higher than average CPC, you’ll want to analyze these more closely to ensure you can prove your return on ad investment. 

  • Average Cost Per Acquisition in Google Ads by Industry

The Average Cost Per Acquisition is a center KPI that advertisers should keep a thump on when analyzing execution.

It’s no surprise that certain industries have a much higher CPA contrast to other industries. 

Some of the factors that can affect CPA include:

  1. Average CPC.
  2. Average CTR (this influences your CPC).
  3. Audience targeting.
  4. Conversion Rate.

The type of product/service you’re selling.

The agents and legal services had the highest CPA out of all industries at a whopping $73.70.

From a consumer outlook, they are likely to do a lot of research before making a decision and approaching someone in this industry.

Those industries that have lower-priced outcomes and services likely have a lower CPA goal. The industries that showed the lowest CPA in 2021 were Animals and Pets at $14.88, followed by Automotive Repair, Services, and Parts at $17.81.

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